Adams Ball Park Renovation Project

Update: 05/06/2021

Traffic Control and Road Closures will tentatively begin May 7th. Allow extra time on your commute to accommodate to the road closures, and Please take extra precautions during school hours.

Update: 04/29/2021

Construction will begin Monday May 3, 2021, the streets adjacent and in the area of the park will be closed to the traveling public. This includes 4th Street, Livesay Street, and Morales Street. Access to the residential entrances will be provided at all times.

Project Duration: 6½ months


A Special Meeting was held by the Board of Trustees’ on Monday March 29, 2021 to discuss the bid evaluation of Adams Park Baseball Field and Roadway presented by Wilson and Company. Wilson and Company is a firm contracted by the City of Anthony to handle all the engineering, architectural, planning, environmental, survey & mapping, and construction management needs.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Bid evaluations for Adams Ball Park. The agenda was to cover the Managing of the Budget, Bid Flexibility, Bidding Results, Recommendation of Award, Tentative Schedule, Construction Management, and questions.

The Following Information was taken from the Slide presentation during Mondays Special session.


• Defining the Project Budget
• Five Separate Funding Sources
• Understanding and assigning improvements to the funding source pursuant to the Grant Agreement Scope of Work.
• What does the Budget Cover?
• All associated cost to complete a standalone construction phase.
• Construction, Construction Management/Administrative & Material Testing
• Developing a Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC)
• Total Budget less the Cost for Construction Management/Administrative & Material Testing.
• Designing to the MACC
• Preparing Contract Bidding Documents that reflect current Market Pricing, i.e. Engineer’s Estimate


Bidding Flexibility

• When the Cost of Desired Improvements Exceed the MACC
• Developing Bid Flexibility
• Additive Alternates provides the Owner with bidding flexibility by allowing the award of any or no combination of additive alternate items that match the project budget and intent.
• The lowest responsive base bid amount is under the project budget, while their total additive alternate bid amount exceeds the project budget.

Bid Opening Details

• Bid Open was held on March 9, 2021 at 10:00 am
• 4 Bids were received

Award Recommendation

Del Mar Contracting Inc. – (Prime Contractor)
• Subcontractor – Accent Landscape Contractors
Award Amount
• $2,074,997.22
Base Bid:
• All base bid items, no. 1 through 58, in accordance with the contract documents.
Additive Alternates
• Livesay Street- Subgrade Preparation, Base Course, and Hot Mix Asphalt; bid item numbers.: 59, 60, & 61.
• Livesay Street – Permanent Striping; bid item no.’s.: 68 & 69.
• Park Permitter Slope Protection – Rip rap rock 8’’ thick (gray in color); bid item no. 72.

Tentative Pre-Construction Schedule

• 3/30/21: Issue Notice of Award (Pending BOT approval of action item no. 6 C)
• 10 Calendar Days to receive Contractors required contract documentation.
• Performance & Payment Bond, Insurance and Signed Contract.
• Week of 4/12/2021: Execute Construction Contract
• Week of 4/19/2021 Schedule Pre-Construction Conference
• Notice to Proceed: Early May
• Construction Contract Time:
• 6 Months- Substantial Completion- End of October 2021
• 6 ½ Months- Final Completion – Mid November 2021

Construction Management & Material Testing Services

• Wilson & Company Task Order Proposal
• Scope of Full Services
• Corresponds to Grantee Requirements
• Construction Management
• Field Engineering
• Daily On-Site Observation
• Material Testing
• Administration
• Public Relations
• Funding Reimbursement

For any questions please contact

Gloria Ramirez

Projects Coordinator

(575)882-2983 ext 103