Agendas and Minutes – Board of Trustees Meetings

Meetings are held every First and Third Wednesday of every month unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in the BOT Room at City Hall. Meetings typically start at 6:00pm Residents and Public are strongly encouraged to attend every meeting. Our Calendar below is available for download by clicking  here

Below are the Agenda’s available for download.

Attention: As of September 18 2019, all agenda’s are available in English and Spanish.

Atención: a partir del 18 de septiembre de 2019, todas las agendas están disponibles en inglés y español.



BOT Agenda Presentation of Health Security for NM Health Security Act 07.15.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Discussion of the State’s Capital Outlay Funds Approved for the City of Anthony 07.01.20 Eng/Esp


BOT Agenda Consideration and Action to approve Library Strategic Plan 06.17.20 eng/esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and action to approve match Component $12,500 06.04.20 eng/esp


BOT Special Agenda Consideration and Action to approve Junior Funds for Adams Park 05.21.20 Eng /Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and action to approve 11 Arbitrators for Police Department 05.15.20 eng/esp

BOT Meeting Cancelation Notice 05.06.20 Eng/Esp


NOPQ Multigenerational Campus Meeting 04.21.20 Eng Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration And Action To Approve Wilson CO Contract amendment 04.15.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Cancelation 04.01.20 Eng/ESP


BOT Agenda Consideration and Action 03.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda Discussion of City Policy 03.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and Action to approve Fire Alarm System 03.04.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda Projects Update 03.04.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Potential Quorum GO Bond Street Project 03.04.20 Eng Esp


Notice of Public Quorum 2020 Leap Year Event 02.28.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Pubic Quorum Multigenerational Campus Steering Meeting 02.27.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and Action to Relinquish Transfer of ACS Property 02.19.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Potential Quorum Pre-Construction Conference GO-Bond 02.18.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Resolution 2020-008 02.05.20 Eng/Esp


Notice of Potential Quorum NM Legislative Session 01.28.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Swearing in City Manager 01.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Resolution 2020-002 01.15.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda Discussion of MOU with AWSD 01.09.20 Eng/Esp



BOT Agenda Resolution 2019-038 12.18.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda Capital Outlay 12.12.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda City Annexation 12.11.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda Projects Update 12.09.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Workshop Agenda City Attorney 12.04.19

Notice of Potential Quorum 4th Street Progress 12.05.19

BOT Workshop Agenda City Matters 12.02.19


BOT Notice of Potential Quorum 4th Street Project 11.21.2019 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Trash Ordinance 2nd Reading 11.20.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Presentation Certificate of Appreciation to Alejandro Moreno 11.12.19 Eng Esp

Notice of Intent to adopt an Ordinance 2019-003 Solid Waste Eng/Esp 11.12.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Notice of Potential Quorum: Legislative Priorities Meeting 11.05.19 Eng/ESP

BOT Notice of Potential Quorum 4th Street Project 11.07.19 Eng/ESP

BOT Rescheduled Meeting Notice 11.06.19 Eng/ESP

BOT Special Meeting Agenda Personnel Matters 11.01.19 Eng/ESP


BOT Special Meeting Agenda City Budget FY19-20 10.29.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Notice of Potential Quorum 4th Street Project 10.24.19Eng/Esp

BOT Work Shop Agenda City Budget 10.23.19Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Changes to IPRA 10.22.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Work Shop Agenda Review Employee Handbook 10.22.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Special Meeting Agenda Resolution 2019-031 10.15.19Eng/Esp

BOT SP Agenda Resolution 2019-030 10.12.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Notice Of Public Quorum 4th Street Project 10.10.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Work Shop Agenda Department Policies and Procedures 10.10.19 Eng/Esp

BOT Closed Meeting Notice Personnel 10.11.19 Eng/Esp

NTC FOR Ordinance 2019-006 Conterra Networks Eng/Esp

BOT WK Agenda South Anthony Arroyo 10.07.19Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Police Junior Fund 10.02.19

BOT Closed Meeting Notice 10.01.19

Notice to Cancel Ordinance 2019-007


BOT Closed Session Meeting Personnel Matters 09.24.19 Eng/Esp

Notice of Potential Quorum DACC Eng/Esp 09.20.19

Notice Of Intent For Ordinance 2019-006,007 Conterra, Anthony Water 09.18.2019

Notice Of Intent For Ordinance 2019-005 Valley Cold Storage 09.18.2019

BOT Agenda Eng Recognition of Officers 09.18.19

BOT Agenda Esp Reconocimiento de Oficiales 09.18.19

Notice of Potential Quorum South Anthony Arroyo Stake Holder Meeting 09.16.19

BOT Workshop Agenda Solid Waste Ordinance 09.16.19

Notice of Potential Quorum Tingley Softball Field 09.13.19

Notice of Potential Quorum MOLI 2019 09.10.19

BOT Work Shop Agenda Capital Funding 09.09.19

BOT Meeting Cancellation Notice 09.05.19

BOT Closed Session Meeting Personnel Matters 09.05.19 <<MEETING CANCELED>>

BOT Agenda Resolution 2019-025 09.04.19

Notice Of Potential Quorum Park Commission 09.03.19


Notice of Potential Quorum 4th Street Phase IV 08.29.19

Notice of Potential Quorum NMML Conference 08.28.19

BOT Closed Session Meeting Dos Lagos Purchase 08.26.19

Notice of Public Quorum South Anthony Arroyo 08.26.19

BOT Agenda Addendum 08.21.19

BOT Agenda Conterra Networks 08.21.19

Notice of Potential Quorum Conference Call Dos Lagos 08.19.19

BOT SP Agenda City Manager Committee 08.12.19

BOT WK Capital Funding Agenda 08.13.19

BOT WK To Discuss ICIP Agenda 08.12.19

Notice of Potential Quorum National Night Out 08.06.19

BOT Agenda Resolution 2019-022 08.07.19

Notice of Potential Quorum Park Commission 08.05.19


BOT WK Agenda Solid Waste 07.23.19

BOT SP Agenda Reconsideration & Action 07.23.19

BOT WK Public Hearing – Fiscal Budget 2019-2020 07.19.19

Notice Of Public Quorum – Community Trainning Workshop – 07.18.19

BOT Agenda – Recognition of Police Officers – 07.17.19


BOT WK Pay Plan Agenda 07.11.19

BOT Agenda 07.03.19


Notice of Potential Quorum Street Survey 06.25.19

Notice of Potential Quorum Public Awareness Meeting 06.18.19

BOT WK Agenda 06.20.19

BOT WK Agenda 6.19.19

Notice of Potential Quorum PC 06.17.19

BOT WK Agenda 06.13.19

BOT Agenda 06.05.19

BOT Agenda Addendum 06.05.19

BOT WK Agenda 06.05.19

Notice of Potential Quorum PC Meeting_06.03.19


BOT PH Budget Addendum 05.31.19

BOT Public Hearing Agenda 05.31.19


BOT WK Agenda 05.21.19

Notice of Potential Quorum PC Meeting 05.20.19

BOT Agenda 05.21.19

BOT Meeting Reschedule Notice 05.15.19

Notice of Potential Quorum Adams Park 05.03.19

Notice of Potential Quorum PC Meeting 05.06.19

BOT SP Agenda 05.06.19

BOT Agenda 05.01.19

BOT WK Agenda 05.01.19


BOT Agenda 04.22.2019

Notice of Potential Quorum 04.24.19 MOLI Training

BOT Agenda 04.03.19

Notice of Potential Quorum 04.02.19 NMML Meeting

Notice of Potential Quorum 04.01.19 City Park Master Plan

NOI FOR Ordinance 2019-002 City Manager


Notice of Potential Quorum 03.21.19

BOT Agenda 03.20.19

BOT SP Agenda 03.20.19

BOT Agenda 03.06.19


Notice Of Potential Quorum 02.25.19

BOT Agenda 02.20.19

Notice of Potential Quorum 2.7.19

BOT Agenda 02.06.2019

BOT Workshop Agenda 02.06.2019

BOT Workshop Agenda 02.04.2019


BOT SP Agenda 01.22.19

BOT Agenda 01.16.19

Notice Of Potential Quorum 01.09.19

BOT Agenda 01.02.19

BOT WK Agenda 01.02.19



BOT Agenda 12.19.18

BOT SP Agenda 12.14.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 12.11.18

BOT Agenda 12.05.18


NOI FOR Ordinance 2018-005 Opt-In elections

BOT Agenda 11.21.18

BOT WK Agenda 11.21.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 11.15.18

BOT Agenda 11.13.18

BOT Cancelled Notice 11.07.18


BOT Agenda 10.22.18

BOT WK Agenda 10.09.18

Intro Park Commission Agenda 10.03.18

BOT Agenda 10.03.18

BOT Public Hearing 10.03.18


Notice of Potential Quorum 09.26 – 09.28

BOT Agenda 09.17.2018

BOT Agenda Addendum 09.17.2018

Notice of Potential Quorum 09.11.2018

BOT WK Agenda 09.10.2018

BOT Agenda 09.05.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 09.08.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 09.04.18


BOT SP Agenda 08.29.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 08.28.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 08.22.18

BOT Agenda 08.15.18

BOT Agenda 08.01.18


BOT Agenda SP 07.23.18

BOT Agenda 07.18.18


BOT Agenda 07.02.18


BOT WS Agenda 06.28.18

BOT SP Agenda 06.26.18

BOT Agenda 06.20.2018

BOT Agenda Addendum 06.20.18

BOT SP Agenda 06.08.2018

BOT Agenda 06.06.2018

BOT SP Agenda 06.04.2018


BOT SP Agenda 05.29.18

Notice of Potential Quorum 05.25.18

BOT Agenda WK 05.17.18

BOT Agenda 05.16.18

BOT P&Z WK Agenda 05.14.18

BOT Agenda SP 05.09.18

BOT Agenda 05.01.18


BOT Agenda SP 04.24.18

BOT Agenda 04.18.18

BOT Agenda SP 04.16.18

BOT Agenda SP 04.10.18

BOT Agenda SP 04.09.18


BOT Agenda 04.04.18


BOT SP Agenda 03.26.18

Public Hearing 03.21.18

POT Quorum Staff MTG 03.21.18

BOT Agenda 03.21.18

ORG MTG 03.12.2018

BOT SP Agenda 03.09.18

BOT Agenda 03.07.18



BOT Agenda 02.21.18

BOT SP Agenda 02.07.18

BOT Agenda 02.07.18


BOT SP Agenda 01.18.18

BOT Agenda 01.17.18

BOT SP Agenda 01.17.18

BOT WK Agenda 01.16.18

BOT SP Agenda 01.08.18

BOT Agenda 01.03.18

BOT SP Agenda 01.03.18