2020 Agendas/Minutes


BOT RM Agenda 12.16.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 12.16.20

BOT RM Agenda12.02.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 12.02.20


BOT Agenda Resolution 2019-14 11.18.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 11.18.20

BOT Budget WK Agenda 11.18.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WK Minutes 11.18.20

BOT Agenda Packet 11.04.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 11.04.20


BOT RM Agenda 10.26.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 10.26.20

BOT RM Agenda 10.21.20

BOT RM Minutes 10.21.20

BOT WK Agenda10.20.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WK Minutes 10.20.20

BOT RM Agenda10.07.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 10.07.20

BOT Agenda Public Hearing Consideration and Action to Approve a Variance 10.06.2020 Esp/Eng(UPDATE:) Meeting has Been Canceled Copy of Cancellation Notice Below

Cancel_Notice For Meeting_10.06.20_Eng/Esp

BOT WK Agenda Discussion of Resolution 2017-008 Eng/Esp

Notice of Intent to amend Ordinance 2019-002 An Ordinance of the City of Anthony to Provide for the hiring of a City Manager Eng/Esp 10.07.2020 and 10.21.2020

BOT SP Agenda Reconvene Meeting 10.05.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Session Meeting Minutes 10.05.20

BOT WK Agenda 10.02.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WK Minutes 10.02.20


BOT SP Session Agenda 9.30.20 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Minutes 9.30.20

BOT SP Agenda Closed Session 09.23.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Notice of Special Session Minutes 9.23.20

BOT SP Agenda 09.22.20 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Minutes 09.22.20

BOT Notice Of Potential Quorum Multi Generational Campus 09.18.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Closed Meeting 09.17.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Agenda 09.16.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 09.16.20

BOT Agenda Closed Meeting 09.08.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Intent to Adopt ORDINANCE 2020-002 Lease of Municipal Property 09.02.20 and 09.16.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Intent To Adopt ORDINANCE 2020-001 Merging all related Ordinances to one 09.02.20 and 09.16.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Agenda 09.02.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 09.02.20

BOT WK Agenda 09.01.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WK Minutes 09.01.20


BOT RM Agenda 08.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 08.24.20

BOT RM Agenda 08.19.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Cancellation Notice 08.19.20


BOT RM Agenda 08.05.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 08.05.20

Notice of Intent to Amend ORDINANCE 2011-12 Boards of Commissions 08.05.2020 and 08.19.2020


BOT SP Agenda Resolution 2020-021 07.30.20 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Minutes 07.30.20

BOT SP Agenda 07.23.20 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Minutes 07.23.20

BOT SP Agenda 07.21.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Minutes 07.21.20

BOT RM Agenda 07.15.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 07.15.20

BOT RM Agenda 07.01.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 07.01.20


BOT Regular Meeting Agenda 06.17.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Minutes 6.17.20

BOT Budget Meeting Agenda 6.12.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT Budget Meeting Minutes 6.12.2020

BOT Regular Meeting Agenda 06.04.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Minutes 6.4.2020

BOT Regular Meeting Agenda Has Been Reschedule 6.3.20 to 6.4.20 at 2:00pm


BOT SP Meeting Agenda 5.28.20 Eng/Esp

BOT SP Meeting Minutes 5.28.20

BOT Special Agenda Consideration and Action to approve Junior Funds for Adams Park 05.21.20 Eng /Esp

BOT RM Minutes 5.21.20

BOT RM Agenda 5.20.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 5.20.20

BOT Agenda Consideration and action to approve 11 Arbitrators for Police Department 05.15.20 eng/esp

BOT RM Minutes 5.15.20

BOT SP Meeting Agenda 5.13.20 Eng/Esp

Bot SP Meeting Minutes 5.13.20

BOT Meeting Canceled Notice 05.06.20 Eng/Esp


NOPQ Multigenerational Campus Meeting 04.21.20 Eng Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration And Action To Approve Wilson CO Contract amendment 04.15.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Cancelation 04.01.20 Eng/ESP


BOT Agenda Consideration and Action 03.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 3.24.20

BOT Workshop Agenda Discussion of City Policy 03.24.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and Action to approve Fire Alarm System 03.04.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WS Minutes 3.4.20

BOT Workshop Agenda Projects Update 03.04.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minute Amended Item 8F pg. 5 pm 4.15.20 3.4.20

BOT RM Minutes 3.4.20

Notice of Potential Quorum GO Bond Street Project 03.04.20 Eng Esp


Notice of Public Quorum 2020 Leap Year Event 02.28.20 Eng/Esp

Notice of Pubic Quorum Multigenerational Campus Steering Meeting 02.27.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Agenda Consideration and Action to Relinquish Transfer of ACS Property 02.19.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Minutes 02.19.20

BOT Special Meeting Agenda 2.11.20 Eng/Esp

BOT Special Meeting Minutes 2.11.20

Notice of Potential Quorum Pre-Construction Conference GO-Bond 02.18.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WS Meeting Agenda 2.11.20 Eng/Esp

BOT WS Meeting Minutes 2.11.20

BOT Regular Meeting Agenda Resolution 2020-008 02.05.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 02.05.20


Notice of Potential Quorum NM Legislative Session 01.28.2020 Eng/Esp

BOT Regular Meeting Agenda Presentation Swearing in City Manager 01.27.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 01.27.20

BOT Regular Meeting Agenda Resolution 2020-002 01.15.20 Eng/Esp

BOT RM Minutes 01.15.20

BOT Workshop Agenda Discussion of MOU with AWSD 01.09.20 Eng/Esp