Police Officer

Please submit completed Employee Packet to Reception Desk located at 820 Highway 478, Anthony NM 88021. Or email to jobs@cityofanthonynm.org with subject line: Police Officer

Job Posting Closes April 5, 2021 at 4:00 am

Department: Police Officer

Reports to: Police Department

FLSA: Hourly

Full Time, Permanent

Hourly Salary: $17.19 

Must Have NMLEA Certification or be eligible for Certification By Waiver, For more information please visit link below

Certification by Waiver (nm.gov)


Under moderate supervision, enforces laws and ordinances, maintains order, prevents crime, makes arrests (citations or warnings) of criminal law violators, performs community education and advocacy, provides protective patrol services and community policing, provides arbitration in neighborhood and family dispute, performs crisis intervention, recovers stolen property. There is a probationary period of six (6) months from date of employment.


Is lead worker and performs tasks that include, but are not limited to:

1. Answers calls for service and complaints and performs all functions of an Officer as necessary such as automobile crashes, domestic disputes, robberies, assaults, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

2. Patrols designated are in a radio-equipped car, bicycle, and/or on foot to preserve law and order; enforces traffic and other laws and ordinances; assumes control at traffic accidents to maintain traffic flow, assist accident victims, investigates cause of accidents; apprehends suspects; searches, inspects, transports, and takes custody of prisoners; advises subjects of their rights.

3. Secures the crime scene; conducts preliminary investigations, identifies and instructs witnesses, gathers information, and prepares detailed reports; investigates suspicious conditions; conducts primary investigations of attempted or committed crimes; prepares investigative reports; prepares misdemeanor and felony cases for proper action; interviews witnesses; appears in court to present evidence, prosecute and testify on behalf of the city or state; maintains professional demeanor in the courtroom; ensures that evidence is properly secured, stored and readily retrievable;

4. Provides Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) and/or Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T).

5. Identifies community problems that can be resolved through proactive measures; attends neighborhood block parties and meetings to enhance community-policing efforts.

6. Serves as Field Training Officer for new hires, instructs training classes for department personnel; prepares and submits daily activities and other written reports to superior officers.

7. Reports all observed or reported policy violations, complaints received and other significant matters and/or events relating to functions of the Department up through the chain of command.

8. Assists supervisors and the Chief of Police as requested.

Additional Duties: Responsible for knowing and abiding by all department and City policies and procedures and performs all other duties as designated by the assigned supervisor. Must be willing to work 10-hour or 12-hour shifts.


A. Education: High School Diploma or GED is required.

B. Experience: One (1) or more year’s continuous experience in certified law enforcement.

C. Education/Experience substitution: None D. License/Certifications: Valid N.M. driver’s license and New Mexico Law Enforcement Certification

E. Other: (e.g., post-offer medical exam, polygraph, background check, driver’s license record, etc.).


Modern principals, methods and procedures of law enforcement administration used in the technical aspects of law enforcement, including accident and criminal investigation and identification, crime prevention, law enforcement tactics, traffic control, and community-based policing; criminal law and criminal procedures involving the apprehension, arrest and custody of persons allegedly committing misdemeanors and felonies; rules and regulations of the City of Anthony NM, Police Department; analyze complex law enforcement problems and situations; adopting quick, effective and reasonable courses of action with regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances; city geography and community attitudes in different areas of the city; latest court interpretations of the legal obligations of law enforcement agencies; and first aid principles, practices, and techniques for both the ill and injured.

Must have skills to operate a motor vehicle and computer; use a firearm and other police-related equipment; follow oral and written instructions, observe situations analytically and objectively, and to record them clearly and completely; react quickly and calmly in emergencies and decide the best course to action; solving problems dealing with emotionally volatile issues; express one’s self clearly and concisely, orally and in writing; enforce the law with firmness, tact and impartiality; and establish and maintain effective working relations with fellow workers and the general public.

Physical Demands: The work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion, such as frequent climbing; lifting objects over 50 pounds; crouching or crawling in restricted areas; and defending oneself or others against physical attack.

Work Environment: The work environment involves high risks with exposure to potentially dangerous situations or unusual environment stress that require a range of safety and other precautions. The employee endures verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of suspects and other people encountered in an antagonistic environment.