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The Finance department manages and controls all financial functions of all city departments and in accordance with generally accepted principles of government accounting and various New Mexico State Statutes and City Ordinances adopted by City Trustees.

The Finance Department is comprised of four areas:

  1. General Accounting
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Payroll

Duties of the Finance Department include:

  • controlling expenditures and obligations (including operating expenses, debt, payroll)
  • receipting and depositing all revenues
  • managing the investment of all monies
  • accounting for all assets and capital project expenditures
  • internal and external reporting

The financial activity of all city departments is supervised by the Finance Officer to ascertain solid internal controls are in place. An audit of financial practices and principles is conducted annually by an outside auditing firm. The Finance staff assists in providing the information for the audit.