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This page is dedicated to all City elections that affect City residents and businesses, our subsections have information for past and upcoming elections in the City. If you have any questions, please contact our City Clerk Karla Oropeza (575) 882-2983.

The Local Election Act (LEA), passed by the New Mexico Legislature in 2018, provides for a consolidated local election to be conducted in New Mexico. In addition, HB 407 was signed on April 3, 2019, which provided additional updates to the LEA.

The LEA repealed the Municipal and School Board Election Codes and requires all elections to follow uniform election procedures for the call, conduct, and canvass of all elections. The LEA established two new statewide elections:

  1. Regular Local Election: the biennial local election at which local governing body members are elected pursuant to the provisions of the LEA held every November of odd-numbers years.
  2. Municipal Officer’s Election: the local governing body and any elective executive and judicial officers of a municipality held every March of even-numbered years.

In addition, all Special Local Elections in New Mexico will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Special Election Act §§ 1-24-1 to -6.

For more information on the upcoming Local Election please visit the link below: