2018 City Election

City of Anthony, NM Unofficial Results table
2018 Municipal Election Candidates

Trustee Candidates 2018

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2018 Regular Municipal Election Calendar

12-06-17 Adoption of Resolution calling for Municipal Election

01-09-18 Candidate filing day (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)

01-10-18 Candidate Certification by City Clerk (9:00 am)

01-11-18 Candidates draw for position on the ballot (5:01 pm)

01-16-18 Withdrawal of Candidacy

01-16-18 Write-In Candidate Certification by City Clerk

01-17-18 Write-In Candidate Certification by City Clerk

01-30-18 Withdrawal of Write-in Candidacy

01-30-18 Absentee voting begins

02-06-18 Registration books Closed by County Clerk

02-14-18 Early voting on voting machine begin

03-02-18 Last day for early voting.

Last Day to mail absentee ballots from Clerk’s Office.

After 5:00 pm., destruction of all unused absentee ballots.

Deadline for candidate to file petition for challengers, or watchers

03-06-18 Election Day

03-09-18 Canvass of election results City Hall (Time TBA)

03-12-18 Deadline to request recount/recheck

03-12-18 Candidate must take Oath of Office (by 7:00 pm)

An Organizational meeting of the governing body will take place between March 12, 2018 and March 27, 2018.